ABOUT US                                                                                                 


Becker Engineering (BE) was formed in 1998 and is a certified small business enterprise.  Gregory T. Becker, the President of BE has over twenty-five (25) years of experience in environmental engineering, property environmental/structural assessments and engineering design. He is a licensed engineer in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Ohio and Arizona. He is also a licensed Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC); a Certified Windstorm Inspector in Texas; and a Trained Thermographer. BE provides environmental, civil and structural services to commercial, industrial and residential properties through Texas and the Gulf Coast Region.

BE is committed to quality designs that create long-term savings to our clients.  Existing building and property problems can normally be traced to improper design or lack of maintenance.  However, we specialize in identifying the cause of existing  problems so that solutions accurately address the cause.  By targeting our efforts on identifying and correcting the actual cause, BE creates a path to long-term, permanent solutions to building and property problems, with long term payback on your investment.


Key Personnel                                           

Gregory Becker PE, CIEC



Bonnie S. Becker

Executive Assistant



Home Builders/Developers Schools
Commercial/Industrial Companies Oil and Gas Companies
Office building/Apartment Owners Mortgage Companies
Municipality Government Residential Owners
City and State Governments Property Managers
Attorneys Insurance Companies

Why Becker Engineering?                       

Quality and Integrity
Experienced, licensed professional engineers and scientists.

On-Time Product
Field work and reports will be on schedule and on budget.

Readable Reports
Concise, understandable reports that provide clear cut answers.

Emergency calls and quick turn around time

Professional Courtesy
Advanced notice to you of any potential project delays.